How to Choose the Color of Your Windows and Doors

Autumn Color by the WindowWhether you’re having a home custom built, or just think it’s time to update the windows and doors of your existing home, the colors you choose are an important factor.  The color of your doors and windows isn’t going to affect the quality, but they will affect the overall look of the home and the perception of anyone who sees it.

There are many different choices when it comes to the color of your windows and doors, so it’s wise to follow some guidelines if you aren’t sure.

Ask for Help

This might be the most important tip you can follow.  Not many regular homeowners are also experts when it comes to home design.  Windows and doors represent a fairly large expense for most people, so if you aren’t sure ask for help.

The company you are purchasing the doors and windows from may offer help, and if not you can ask an independent designer.

Look Around the Neighborhood

Everyone wants to be an individual, but you also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb amongst your neighbors.  Take a look around the neighborhood at the common theme and tone, and try to stay within those parameters, at least with the exterior colors.  That’s not to say you should copy everyone exactly, just keep it in mind as you make a decision.

Looking around your general area will also give you ideas of what works and what doesn’t.  You can probably see a pretty wide sampling just by driving around a little.  This way, you can eliminate certain combinations without having to try them out on your own house first.  Try looking in both the sunlight and dark for the most accurate representation of the colors.

Ask If They Customize

If you can’t seem to find the exact color you’re looking for as you look through the selections from the manufacturer, ask if they will customize one for you.  Sometimes, window and door manufacturers will try to create a color that matches what you want, even if they don’t have that exact color in stock.

Choosing the color for your windows and doors is often a time consuming process, but considering everyone who passes your house will see them; it’s well worth the effort.  The color of your front door and window frames gives your home a lot of its character, and may even create a perception about you.